my clothing line is a reaction to fast fashion. all products are designed and made to last, with a focus on ethical and sustainable production. 

all my clothing (excluding organic cotton tshirts) is made in redfern by a small team of skilled makers. i work closely with my makers at all stages of production, ensuring that everyone who is working on my products is doing so in safe and fair working conditions. by producing my clothing locally in sydney, i massively reduce the carbon emissions required to get the garments from the maker to the customer.

i usually only make a few pieces in each size - while this may mean that your size is not always available, it allows me to avoid wastage and obsolete stock, as i only make enough pieces to fulfill demand. if your size is out of stock, please get in touch to join a waitlist. 

i use all of my fabric offcuts to create small accessories such as scrunchies, lavender eye pillows, packaging and more. i try to avoid waste of fabric at all costs.

the organic cotton tshirts are made in Fair Wear accredited facilites from sustainably-sourced 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

the printed silk pieces are digitally printed in alexandria, sydney, in an ECA-accreditated (Ethical Clothing Australia) print house. all prints are designed and illustrated by annie hamilton. this process uses less water than conventional dyeing and allows me to only print the amount of fabric that is needed for production, thus minimising wastage and excess.

i also use deadstock fabric leftover from larger-scale designers that is sold on when the previous designer is no longer producing those garments. by sourcing this leftover fabric, i am bypassing the traditional textile manufacturing supply chain - using up what already exists rather than ordering brand new fabric to be produced. it is the 'one man's trash' of the fashion supply chain. this means that each fabric has a limited quantity - sometimes only enough to make a couple of shirts.

all of my packaging is made from 100% recycled paper / cardboard / tissue paper. i use compostable postage bags to send orders, which can be disposed of in your home compost / worm farm. i do not use any plastic in my packaging

all items are posted with Australia Post's carbon neutral parcel delivery service

please get in touch at with any further questions or comments. 

thank you!

annie x