hiiiiiiii <3 <3 <3

hiiiiii 💕🦇

my next single isn’t out til JULY 10 🤫 but i’m giving it to you early because ily !!!! slut era is my industrial-feminine-rage-pop song 🪓

tiktok sound out now >>> https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSYAPkU1U/  (if you use the sound please tag me so i can repost!)

i wanted to capture the feeling of being tangled in the overwhelm of the impossible patriarchal expectations placed on women - it’s chaotic, unhinged and non-sensical (much like the reality) but also a bit fun n silly

the chorus sums it up - "gotta be shareable! vulnerable! fuckable! relatable! dinner-on-a-plateable! burn-her-at-the-stakeable!" (we literally cannot win!)

(the distorted percussive elements = me turning a vacuum cleaner on/off + smashing a metal bucket with a hammer 💅)

i’m soooo excited to finally be sharing this song and i hope you love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

pre-save >>> https://gyro.to/slutera (this helps the song soooo much when it gets released to get into playlists etc. pleasepleaseplease thankyouthankyouthankyou)

listen to the full song >>> https://t.ly/H-pvB and lemme know what you think ~~~